About Captain Deo and the Intro to our Story

Captain Deo

Captain Reginald Deodar MacDonald was born in 1867 to an English mother and a Scottish father. Getting His Mother’s good looks and His Fathers strong physical build our hero quickly grew into a young man of impressive appearance and strength. Being of high intelligence, inquisitive nature and irrepressible good humor Captain Deo makes lifetime friends and alienates others of lesser character. In school He excelled in every subject and quickly surpassed his instructors in all areas of Science and Mathematics.   Inspired by the British Empires world dominance in science, technology, archeology and exploration Captain Deo joined in many successful expeditions from The Royal Academy that spanned the world. Many people in the society claim the successful outcome of many of these expeditions was due to none other than Captian Deo himself. Saying that without his sure command and confidant control in dangerous situations all would have been lost.

Now at the age of 35, with many adventures, expeditions and journeys behind Him we find Captain Deo up on the side of HMS Turteldove, a military science exploration vessel researching among the far flung South Pacific Islands.  Tremors move up through the ship’s hull warning  that it is about to explode into ten million pieces. Looking back over His shoulder, Captain Deo sees the cargo hold covers, bright light flashing through the cracks between the wood. No one was left alive and there was nothing more He could do. Flames had just now climbed the masts and shot across the sails. The lights are flashing faster and getting brighter, he hears the scream of the Revolving Armature generators as they try to keep pace with the runaway fly wheel engine…The experiment went so terribly wrong, No time left – Jump!

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